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We are a strategic in-house branding agency based in Chicago that works with high-growth, innovative businesses to start, grow and refresh their brands 

we're a branding agency located

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1000+ branding projects

We have expertise in business spheres such as real estate, finances, industrial, energetics, retail, travel, IT, automotive, restaurants and food, government, social, etc.

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International experience 

15 years' cooperation with branding projects all over US, Europe and Africa from market research to branding strategy with international awards. 

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Omnichannel approach 

We develop our branding strategies and brand books, including visualization and demonstration of the brand in offline and online channels

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Fully in-house agency 

Over 60 employees in house from brand analysts and strategists to graphic, brand. web and social media designers, all the team is highly educated and experienced

Brand analysis and consulting

This part of our service includes brand analytics, brand architecture, brand platform.

We collect and analyse information about the product, company, market, competitors, industry trends and consumers.

We search for data that identifies efficient directions of brand positioning and brand strategy.

Branding and corporate identity

It starts with naming and brand identity development service which finally forms a brand book or a guideline. That includes logo design and the whole system of visual elements. We’ve developed branding for automotive industry, product branding, package branding and design, services branding, event branding, retail, food and beverage branding, educational and sport, non-for-profit, health and wellness, IT and technology, fashion and beauty, travel branding.

Design and production

We do realise the whole complex of design and visualisation support for the brands that we develop.


We offer complex design support, video production and digital design along with complex creation of the content necessary for our clients in their offline and online campaigns



Any doubts of your brand efficiency? 


Ideas of rebranding? Our team is ready to help you. We offer a free audit of your brand so that you can ensure the quality of our work and get recommendations for improving your brand image on the market. 

"Our company is grateful to CMCG team for creating a unique and memorable brand identity for us that accurately reflects and attracts our target audience"
CEO of GAES Inc.

"The guys at CMCG deserve the credit when it comes to creating the voice and personality of the brand. They've always known where they want to take us!"


"CMCG team understood our needs and provided solutions to fit our goals and make sure we got a new website that attracts hundreds of new customers."




Don't miss the opportunity to get a comprehensive approach to creating your brand identity. We guarantee high-quality execution of all tasks on time, as well as an individual approach to each project. You already know that we’re real professionals in branding so let us help you grow your business. Send us a brief and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

100% guarantee of results

If you don’t like the result, which is basically impossible, we will return your money. Guaranteed results, high-quality work and vast experience are the components of our success.