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CMCG  |  Top branding and design agency in Chicago

We are a full cycle and complex marketing company with an in-house team of professionals in branding, marketing and design. 15 years’ experience, big and high-budget projects, 1000+ cases bring our customers a wealth of expertise and a keen eye on details in every project. We have the atmosphere of freedom mixed with creative vision and analytics which allows the team consistently deliver captivating designs and innovative branding strategies. We offer a range of services including brand strategy, brand development, corporate identity design, brand books, graphic design, digital design and others. Our diverse in-house team ensures that every aspect of a brand identity is carefully crafted and aligned with clients’ goals and their target audience.

Our Story

CMCG is a leading branding agency with 15+ years of experience and a professional team of experts based in Chicago. We have been creating complex branding for our customers from different parts of the world and our team has been a part of numerous world-known projects. We are renowned for our ability to transform businesses through innovative branding and design strategies. Each member of our team brings their own expertise to the projects.

We have branding strategists, graphics designers, creators and brand analysts in house. Our digital team helps all our branding become omnichannel. All this helped us grow into an international agency with offices in Chicago, Detroit and Western Europe. We have realized more than 1000+ projects in branding and we are considered to be one of the leading agencies with strong branding expertise in the spheres of finances and banking, industry, retail, energy supply, non-for-profit and others.

Our Goal

We believe in helping brands grow through efficient analysis and creative view so we follow our customers’ business goals in creating new brands.

We strive to achieve 100% of satisfied customers, that’s why we thoroughly study the tasks and always perform them on time. We are known for our exceptional reliability and dedication to client satisfaction as well as creating brands that would leave a lasting impression.

We definitely realise that design is not just a visual but first of all an insight research and full understanding of clients’ needs. Our brands always respond the market demand and have certain positioning that is underlined by visual content.

Branding research and creative approach to work

We approach our work responsibly, so we always do research before starting design. Therefore, our brands are understandable to your target audience and stand out from competitors. This gives you an advantage, which means you earn more!.

Timelines and deadlines without delays

We always guarantee that all work will be completed efficiently and on time. Thanks to our large and professional team, this is easy for us to do. Yes, and don’t forget that part of our team works in Europe, which means punctuality and quality are our priority.

We make logos with history and soul

Nowadays, it is not enough to draw an amazing logo. It is important to fill it with meaning and position it correctly. We communicate the brand through shape and color, getting closer to your client. I trust such brands 53% more.

Izabela P.

Marketing director

Costa I.

Art director

Hannah S.

Client Service officer